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About Us

"Be treated like a human being." The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little "extra" Cars. Everybody loves 'em. Buying a new/used one is fun, and definitely exciting. It really is one of the biggest purchases you can make. So why do so many companies make it such an aggravating experience? This is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! I have a different mindset. I'm extremely picky about the cars I offer for sale. I look for popular cars, cars that are going to look great in your driveway, and pick the makes and models that last! I want you to get a car that when you get out of it to walk into your house; you look back at it at least once because you're proud of it. I take a lot of pride in the inventory offered here at HomeTown Motors because I pick each one out as if I was going to keep it for myself!

Pricing? You'll notice, we have a different mindset on that too. Instead of trying to make a fortune on every car, I'm committed to all our cars being WORTH what we ask for them! HomeTown Motors puts very Fair prices on our cars- Prices that are REALISTIC and REASONABLE. Most of the vehicles are priced UNDER book value. My biggest pet peeve is seeing someone owe WAY more on a car than it's worth. Oftentimes, that's all dealership markups. I think I'll grow faster if I price cars reasonably, and rely on positive word of mouth -I guess it's a "pay-it-forward approach" to used car sales.

You might find it interesting that I have NEVER worked for the used car business, nor have I ever bought a car from a dealership in my life. So I have none of the bad habits. I've heard so many horror stories, and the stereotype of car dealers was one of the most discouraging barriers to getting into this business. But with each vehicle I consider as inventory for this shop, I think about my customers budget, and what they should expect for the money and I try to exceed expectations! This site is called I WOULD DRIVE THAT dot com... because if i personally wouldn't drive one of the vehicles I have for sale here, I won't try to make you drive it.

I've been a car-flipper since I was 16, and at 27 I started my own business. Ten Years, and many many lessons learned...but over those years, I seem to get the most loyal customers because of some very basic principles.

  1. Find vehicles that I KNOW will last people.
  2. Identify/ stay away from vehicle nightmares that were other people’s problems.
  3. Treat people how I would want to be treated.
  4. Ask a fair price – and not gouge people
  5. And lastly, Stand behind my product and process with truth and integrity.

    I do, and have done everything I can to be the opposite of the stereotypical “used car salesman.” I hate the used car salesman. And well, I figure in an industry where the customers' expectations are SO LOW -that the way i do things, it'll be easy to exceed expectations, and you'll see that I do.

    I want your purchase to go as smoothly as you do, so that you'll tell others!

    Rest assured you are buying a used car without the worry. I don’t just sit them on a lot to rot, I drive them! I take each vehicle in inventory for rides all the time, and I take the time to put 200 miles on everything we have for sale, before I even advertise it, JUST to make sure nothing weird happens. So as you’re looking through the listings, I ask that you at least put HomeTown IntegrityDriven Motors on your list of places.. you should come check us out. We WILL treat you fair. WE WILL put a good vehicle under you and the price will be a pleasant surprise for how nice and clean our inventory is! You may find one a little cheaper on a front lawn, or in some obscure place... All I can say, is, that I am committed to building a great reputation, and someone on their front lawn is just looking to unload something.. there's a difference.

    Lets have some fun... enjoy this purchase, and use my experience because I love what I do.

    Opening this dealership has been my dream for years, and with undeniable blessings, here I am! I know there is no better feeling when you show your new 'used' car to friends and family and they compliment your purchase, and DON'T tell you that you got ripped off. I won't let that happen. Thanks for your consideration; we know there's a lot of competition. It is my pleasure to show vehicles and schedule test drives anytime. Just call or text Chris at 803-210-9972

    OPEN MONDAY THRU THURSDAY 9-7 , FRIDAY 930-530, and SAT 10-430 Do not hesitate to send an email to DRIVEHOMETOWN@gmail.com for questions, or special requests for a vehicle we don't happen to have...guess what? We can get it!!

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Address: 1628 Chapin Rd : Chapin, SC 29036
Fax: (803) 941-7249
Email: DriveHomeTown@gmail.com